7 Best Summer Pool Toys Every Child Wants
Pool season is almost upon us! Your holiday packing is taking shape, but you need something fun; something that's really going to kick start that family holiday feeling... This is where our wonderful selection of floats, inflatables and pool toys come in! Our vibrant range will be enjoyed by adults and children alike, featuring a wide range of colours and unique designs so eye-catching they'll be sure to make a splash... Get your air pumps at the ready and prepare for plenty of fun - whether it's playing a game or floating aimlessly in the water for a couple of hours. inflatable ring toss - flamingo Nothing is quite as effortlessly on-trend as a pink flamingo. If you want to add a touch of charm and glamour to the water, get involved with this ring toss game that your family and friends will keep coming back to. giant lounge-on float - whale Who knew whales were so good for lying on? Get floating, splashing and lounging with this enormous summer float that will really make a statement. green toys ferry boat with cars Hit the pool instead of the road with this completely eco-friendly toy ferry and car set from Green Toys. This classic choice is perfect for keeping your little ones occupied in the shallow end. kiddy pool ring - watermelon This fruity favourite is the perfect slice of summer for those hot days by the pool! bouncy rainbow ball - small Never lose your favourite bouncy ball when you take it to the beach, pool or back garden! Perfect for youngsters, big kids and adults looking to enjoy a whole load of games and activities. inflatable sprinkler octopus We don't need to give you 8 reasons why you should buy... Tt's one of our most popular choices and we know you'll love it! kiddy float - flamingo We may have included two flamingos in one list, but frankly, one isn't enough! This one has been shrunken down to kiddy size so no one misses out on the float of the summer.