7 Ways To Make Christmas Memorable For Kids
As adults, we often find it difficult to recapture the magic of Christmas as the years go by, but having kids can give a whole new lease of life to that 'festive feeling' we may have lost... So where do you start? Filling the December season with a range of exciting activities, treats and little trips out can really amount to some indelible memories that your children will hold onto and look back on well into the future. To help give you a little bit of winter inspiration, Birdkids have put together a go-to checklist for making the run-up to the 25th extra special. Indulging In The Traditional Details Lighting candles, making Christingles, putting oranges in stockings and advent calendars on bedroom doors... All these small but significant details are the symbolic fabric of the festive season that will make a big impression for now and years to come. Dressing your house in decorations and creating a compelling Christmas routine of movies, treats and other traditional adornments will build a sense of excitement for you and your little ones. A great idea is to make a Christmas Eve Box that you can fill with everything from candy canes to the Raymond Briggs narrated version of The Snowman(1982) Festive Feasts Christmas is about a lot of things, but let's face it, what everyone loves most is the food! December is a time for letting your calorific indulgence take over and what better way than to get your children involved in the kitchen. From homemade mince pies and mocktails to gingerbread men, cakes and cookies - there's really a limitless supply of things you can do over the Christmas holidays to make it a unique-and-sweet experience for all. See The Christmas Lights Christmas illuminations are a huge part of the festive season. From decorating your home and garden to seeing the Christmas lights switch on in your town, taking your kids to see something visually spectacular will be an event that stays with them throughout the winter months. Bring Them Along When You Buy The Tree Buying a Christmas Tree is no incidental milestone when you're hurtling towards the big day. Once you've decided what tree you're going to get, take your little helper along to give you a hand! It doesn't matter if you're picking up a 6-foot fir that's been felled within the depths of a Scottish forest or you're simply getting an artificial tree from the highstreet, your kids will love the experience either way. Putting Out Treats For Father Christmas And His Reindeer Put a carrot and a mince pie out overnight and the next morning they'll have all been eaten! Like every year, we all know who the guilty party is, but then again, the mystery and magic of Father Christmas is something we all love to believe in. Get The Whole Family Together Having a houseful of friends and family can be a bit of a daunting prospect in terms of preparation and planning, but those moments when you have everybody together under one roof don't happen all too often and are a special time, for you and the kids to enjoy. An Early Christmas Present From Santa... A few little gifts that have just 'magically' appeared under the tree such as a new outfit or a little game to keep them occupied on Christmas Eve can all be found at Birdkids Christmas Shop!