If you would like to fill up your child’s toy box with a great selection of educational toys, then you have come to the right place. Here at Birdkids we realise how important educational toys are for many parents out there, and so we constantly update our collection to include what we think are the best toys on the market. You could say that all toys are educational toys, especially if they encourage your children to role-play, count, describe colours and recognize shapes, so you really don’t need to look for toys that are distinctly labelled as an “educational toy”. Perhaps one of the first education toys we receive as children, a set of building blocks, is perfect for teaching our babies colours, shapes, sizes and hand-eye coordination. Most toy manufactures make a version of this classic toy, and whether you go for plastic or the more traditional wooden variety, you can be confident they will get plenty of play. Role-playing toys come highly recommended by many child psychologists, as they build social skills, coordination and language skills without putting any pressure on our children. Tea sets, cooking sets and other role-playing items create hours of fun, and most children just love to copy the actions of their parents. As your children get older, educational games such as bingo and lotto that are highly illustrated with different pictures will help them learn their numbers, the alphabet, animal species and different food items. Books are in my personal opinion, are the ultimate educational toy. Taking time out to teach your child to read is a great bonding opportunity and a wonderful excuse to spend some quality time together. Children learn so quickly at a young age, and you may be surprised how quickly they learn the story ‘off by heart’ and soon recognise each of the characters. Educational toys come in many different forms, so fill up your child’s toy box today and give them the very best chance in life.
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