I think that every child should have a good collection of art & craft supplies. Drawing, painting or crafting is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, and it really gets kid’s imaginations sparking. Djeco are easily my favourite manufacturers of children’s art and craft supplies, as they have a brilliant range that goes way beyond pencils and crayons.

Image of 10 Classic Felt Tip Brushes  from Djeco

Felt tip pens are a must-have and this set from Djeco stands head and shoulders above any others. They have an extra fine nib at one end, and a brush at the other. This combination is great for getting really creative, and the super bright colours look amazing.

Image of 12 Classic Gouache Paint Pots  from Djeco

If you or your kids have never used gouache paints before, you’re missing out! Gouache is very similar to watercolour, making it incredibly easy to use. However, gouache creates a much bolder, more opaque finish, which is great for kids.

Image of 12 Gel Pastels – Classic  from Djeco

Finally, these gel pastels are incredible for creating bold, colourful art. Their plastic body keeps mess to a minimum, while their amazing colours are really easy to blend together. Everything manufactured by Djeco is done so to incredibly high standards, so you can be sure that these art & craft supplies are the best around. Your kids will love being inspired by their amazing colours, and will be able to create some fantastic pieces of art.
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