While it seems school dinners have definitely improved over the years, I still prefer to send my kids off with a home-made packed lunch filled with items I know they are going to eat and enjoy! It might take a little more time and organising, but with the right lunch box and the right ingredients a packed lunch is the perfect way to ensure your kids are getting a balanced meal at school, and you may save some money too!

A great lunch box will encourage any child to switch to packed lunches, and those found in the Blafre collection are some of the best you can find! Fashionable, trendy and available in a whole range of different colours and designs, these fantastic lunch boxes are made of tin and seal with a stainless steel clasp. Complete with a handle these smart boxes can be carried independently or put into any school bag, and they guarantee to keep the contents fresh until lunchtime.
Slightly smaller, the Blafre Sandwich tin boxes are ideal for playschool or pre-school kids who just need to take a small snack and perhaps a drink. Strong, durable and CE approved for carrying food-stuffs, these tin sandwich boxes come in a whole range of different designs and are simple to wipe clean with a moist cloth.
In addition to the great lunch boxes, Blafre have also created a lovely line of stainless steel drinks bottles that can carry up to 350ml of your favourite beverage. Durable and secure, they seal with a sturdy sports cap and come in an array of fun and funky designs! With just a few days until the kids head back to school, why not use this as your opportunity to switch them over to packed lunches with a stylish new lunchbox and drinks bottle!
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