Best Winter Activities for Kids

This winter, we’ve got you covered, with our top winter activities to keep your children entertained! From cosying up indoors to exploring the great outdoors, just because the weather outside is frightful, doesn’t mean your days can’t be delightful.

Santa’s Little Elves

It’s never too early to get a head start on Christmas! December is just around the corner, so why not get your little elves to help out. They can add a personal touch to your Christmas cards by signing their name. We stock some gorgeous glitter gel pens and marvellous mini metallic coloured pencils. Both will add a shimmering sparkle to all your cards.

Have a Great Winter Bake Off

Your little ones will love the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Baking is a fantastic way to teach your children valuable life skills with delicious (hopefully!) baked goods as a result, what more could you want. We have some adorable cookie cutters, in a variety of designs, perfect for getting your kids excited about baking

Go for a Crisp Winter Walk

There is nothing to stop you from exploring the outdoors this winter season. Our Hello Nature activity book will make the perfect companion for your child's next adventure and aid them in their exploration of the great outdoors at this magical time of year!

Get Creative!

When one single page in a colouring book can keep your child entertained for hours, you know you’re on to a winner. Presenting the tallest colouring books in the world!

These brilliant books come in 2 unique designs which will have your little ones reaching for the stars and travelling to the ends of the earth. You could also have an arts and crafts afternoon, which can teach your child a simple yet highly rewarding new hobby. Let them try their hands at sewing, cross stitch, papercraft, stained glass or collage art, the possibilities are endless.

Explore your Local Library

Your local library has come a long way since it first opened. Modern libraries stock much more than just books, they have CDs, DVDs, magazines and ebooks. Their dedicated children's section is a veritable treasure trove that your little ones will love to explore. Another perk is that most now come with free wi-fi, perfect to keep you entertained while your children are occupied. If all of this isn’t enough to tempt you, most libraries run free events which are tailored to all age groups.

Cosy up by the Fire with a Board Game

Here at Birdkids, we have a great variety of puzzles and games to suit all ages and skill levels. We even have some secretly educational games, designed to nurture your child's developing communication and logic skills. The beautifully illustrated Djeco card games will provide hours of endless fun for you and your children.

Disney Filmathon

Why not introduce your kids to your favourite classic Disney films. While the upcoming live-action remakes look great, you can’t beat the originals such as Bambi (1942), Lady and the Tramp (1955) and Robin Hood (1973). Prepare to experience ‘all the feels’ as you watch your little ones fall in love with your childhood favourites.

We hope you enjoy these ideas, be sure to check out the rest of our website for some more winter activities inspiration.

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