Well, it’s Friday so that means it’s time for another Brand Spotlight! Today, we’re looking at the wonderfully eco-friendly Katvig. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Katvig is the brainchild of Vigga Svensson. Growing up, she was always very environmentally conscious and wanted to save the world. As she grew up and then had children, she found that children’s clothes were dull and boring; essentially just smaller sizes of adult’s clothing. One day, she found some old fabric in her mother’s loft and began to make clothes for her own children. As these designs grew in popularity, Vigga decided to find a way to combing her love of fun children’s clothes with saving the planet and sustainability. She visited cotton fields but hated the use of poisons and their effects on the Earth and the people who worked with the cotton, then visited a polyester factory but found that they used too much oil. At her wit’s end, Vigga had an idea. She decided to use old plastic bottles to create recycled polyester for Katvig’s raincoats. Then, an old friend of hers showed her an organic cotton field which began to supply cotton for other children’s clothes. Not only are the materials for Katvig’s clothes ethically sourced, but Vigga aims to make all aspects of her business the same. She’s developed a transport system that massively cuts down on packaging, as well as being politically involved with sustainability by co-operating with the Danish Parliament. Recently, Vigga has invented ground-breaking way to recycle organic cotton. When organic cotton is made into fabric, much of it is send to a landfill as waste. This method allows this “waste” cotton to be used to create new material. It’s one of the most sustainable textiles in the world, as well as one of the softest. When it comes to the design of the clothes, Katvig always features bright colours and fun, eye-catching patterns. Kids absolutely love them and they’re all hard-wearing enough to put up with any rough and tumble. You can check out our full range of Katvig clothing over on our main website. Are you a big Katvig fan already or has this Brand Spotlight converted you? Let us know exactly what you think of their super-eco-friendly clothing in a comment below or over on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

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