An extremely popular selection of mini dolls, the Sonny Angel collection offers something for everyone. Ranging from Christmas themed dolls to chocolate dolls, the collection is perfect for anyone who enjoys collecting or as a gift for any special occasion. Cute and versatile, it is no wonder the collection is adored by children all over the world. Different to any other mini dolls collection, you will not know which doll you receive from the chosen series when you make your order. This unique gift is intended as a lucky charm and there is even one rare Angel in every series available. Perfectly fitting into your hand, pocket or bag, the dolls are made from high quality, solid plastic and are designed with various pieces of headgear. The dolls are made in Japan and have become a huge craze across the world and are particularly popular in the far east. Collections There are 8 different ranges in the Sunny Angel doll collection with each offering different themes including Flower, Fruit, Marine, Vegetable and Animal Series. If you take into account all of the different limited editions from the start, the total reaches over 300 dolls to collect! History Introduced in March 2005, the first Sonny Angel was created as an 18cm wide-eyed doll. Not long after, the mini figure series was named the ‘Animal Series 1’ featuring dolls with various animal headgear. Officially, the birthday of Sonny Angel is in fact the 15th May, 2004. Whichever doll you choose, it is sure to be adored by any child due to the adorable smile and cute facial features of the Angels. In addition to the excitement, the lucky collector who receives one of the rare dolls will find that they have a value of hundreds of pounds! To discover the perfect Sonny Angel, please click here.
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