Those of you who read yesterday’s blog will know that I thought that the new LEGO Friends sets for girls don’t encourage creativity as well as they could. That got me looking for something that would, and could be enjoyed by both girls and boys.

Image of Build & Decorate Your Own - Robot Kit  from Calafant

I think that Calafant’s Build & Decorate Your Own kits are simply fantastic. Like LEGO, they easily fit together with no glue needed, to create a Palace, Robot or Treehouse. They are made entirely from white cardboard, and simply slot together. Then, they can be decorated in any way.

Image of Build & Decorate Your Own - Princess Palace Kit  from Calafant

This is why I think these kits are so great. The plain, white cardboard is a blank canvas for your child’s imagination. With the exception of the robot, perhaps, all of the kits are ideal for either girls or boys. Even the palace, which is actually named the Princess Palace, could easily be painted grey and turned into a medieval castle.

Image of Build & Decorate Your Own - Treehouse Kit  from Calafant

But why stop at paints? The plain cardboard makes it really easy for any materials to be used on it. For example, you could go for glitter, tin foil, newspaper, leaves, cotton wool. Again, just like LEGO, once the kits are finished your kids will have loads of fun playing with them. If you really want to let your kids’ imaginations run wild, and not get stuck into the idea of ‘Girl’s toys’ or ‘Boy’s toys’, you can’t go wrong with the Build & Decorate Your Own Kits from Calafant. If you decide to get one, perhaps to keep the kids amused this bank holiday, send us a picture! Either upload it to Facebook and tag us in it, or tweet it to us on Twitter; just be sure to mention @bird_kids in your tweet!
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