There is nothing more special than celebrating your child’s birthday and it is a great opportunity to get the whole family together for a party. Children’s birthday parties are great fun and with a few well-chosen games, decorations and plenty of sandwiches and cakes, it can be just as enjoyable for parents as it is for the children. Djeco a French company, are well known for manufacturing an excellent selection of children’s toys, games, puzzles and crafts, and have recently extended their range to include a collection of children’s party accessories such as bunting, goody bags and pop-up wall decorations. Great for decorating your home, all the items in this collection by Djeco are easy to assemble, easy to mount and can be used to decorate your child’s bedroom once the party is over. Bunting such as this Pretty Farandole paper bunting is perfect for brightening up your little girl’s party table. Tear-proof banners of bright and colourful flags will instantly transform your living room into a party zone, and they are easy to hang with just tape or pins. Also available with Super Animals and Super Heroes, you are sure to find the ideal bunting for your children’s birthday party. Djeco have also designed a matching collection goody bags or “Pochettes” that make great gifts for your children’s friends. Filled with a selection of sweets, small toys and chocolates they are perfect for handing out at the end of the day as a 'thank you' to your guests. These cone shaped goody bags come in packs of eight and seal with stickers to create a ‘cool’ birthday surprise. These cleverly designed pop-up wall decorations are another great way to decorate your home for a birthday party. Emerging as a 3D model, they attach easily to the wall with a Velcro tag adding a splash of colour and fun to any room. A great all round decoration that your child will enjoy hanging on their bedroom wall once the party is over. Djeco party games are perfect for passing the hours when your house is full of children, from new and modern games such as this magnetic fishing game, to more traditional games such as ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ you are sure to find whatever you are looking for amongst the Djeco collection. Let your children have the birthday parties of their dreams with a little help from Djeco!
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