The sun has got his hat on and for those of us that aren't going abroad this summer it is the perfect opportunity to take the little ones on a trip to Britain's best beaches. But just because the weather is warm doesn't mean the the sea is. Beaches, especially in the north of the country, have water that is often much colder than the air which can result in children catching a chill or worse. To make sure that your little ones are protected against the elements, here at Birdkids we have introduce a range of children's colourful wetsuits that your child will not only love, but will keep them visible when they are in the water. The Main Worry With Children's Wetsuits When buying a child's wetsuit there is always the fear by parents that it will all end in tears. Lets face it, some of our little ones can be little monkeys just getting dressed in the morning let alone being squeezed into a wetsuit. Luckily all of our wetsuits have been pre-bent and made out of a flexible material in order for your child to receive the perfect fit, helping towards a tear free day at the beach. Full Length Children's Wetsuits children's tiger wetsuitchildren's ladybird wetsuit These are an absolutely excellent way to make sure that your child stays warm either running around on the beach or playing in the water. With a comfortable fit and reinforced knees these colourful wetsuits are built with the active child in mind. Once more, both the ladybird and tiger designs are fun and bright, making your child feel as though they are in a costume as well as being easily seen by you. Each comes with an adjustable Velcro neck meaning giving a streamlined look. Shorty Wetsuits children's leopard print wetsuitchildren's bumble bee wetsuitchildren's zebra patterned wetsuit This excellent design is for those warmer days on the beach and even in the pool. With shorter legs and arms your child will have great freedom of movement meaning more time to play. Made from neoprene they are also strong and durable allowing you to use them time and time again. Available in three different patterns your little one can either be a zebra, a leopard or a bumble bee. So adorable your child will have hours of fun without the need for changing. For more information on our children's wetsuits and other summer clothing please visit our website: and click on the links. We hope that you and your little ones have fun in the sun and are always safe when playing near water. If you have tried any of our wetsuits tell us what you thought by messaging us on either our Google+ or Facebook pages or Tweet us @bird_kids.
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