With spring just around the corner and the warmer weather already upon us, now is a great time to dust off the bikes and get out in the fresh air with the kids! After months shut away indoors, my kids cannot wait to go outside and play and so this weekend is going to be packed with bike riding, gardening and if the weather is really nice, I might even hang up the swing! March and April are busy months for birthdays in our family and this year I am determined to buy all the kids gifts that can be used outdoors such as bike accessories, gardening tools, and picnic sets, to encourage them to turn off the TV and head outside like we used to as children. Younger kids seem to enjoy helping out in the garden and so the brightly coloured watering cans, shovels and spades in the Egmont collection make wonderful children’s gifts. Perfect for digging, making mud pies and collecting worms, these fun toys will never go out of fashion, but you might want to keep an eye on you rose bushes! If your kids love to ride their bikes then a safety helmet such as those in the Crazy Stuff collection might be the perfect children’s gift this year. Fun, fashionable and practical, these animal shaped helmets are fully compliant with British and European safety standards, and as they look great the kids are quite happy to wear them! Available in a range of cute designs such as eagles, cats, crocodiles and sharks, there is something for every child in this collection. A game that can be played indoors or out, Cocciboules by Djeco is a modern version of the classic bowls game. Suitable for up to four players, this brightly coloured set would make a lovely children’s gift for spring. With great children’s gifts like these no child will want to stay indoors, so why not encourage the kids in your family to go out to play – just as we did!

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