We have recently expanded our Crafts for kid’s range, to include these delightful “make your own” Butterfly kits by Kidonroof. A Dutch design company, Kidsonroof aim to re-connect modern life with nature through their range of eco-friendly arts and crafts. Stimulating a child’s creativity, their imaginations can run wild as they build their very own piece on nature with these delightful Butterfly kits. Made from 100% biodegradable, recyclable paper, these crafts for kids have been designed to bring pleasure to our children without damaging the environment they live in. The Totem 3D Butterfly Model – Day, is a wonderful 3D butterfly puzzle that your children will construct from 70 intricately designed pieces. The pieces can be put together in a variety of different ways, so you can change the position of the butterfly’s wings and create a variety of different designs. Coloured in the most beautiful shades of blue, green and brown, the butterfly looks almost real once completed.

The Totem 3D Butterfly, nighttime model is equally stunning. In darker shades of the spectrum, this butterfly has huge wings and offers multiple building possibilities, allowing your children’s imagination to run wild. Once the butterflies are completed, they make magnificent decorations, hung from the ceiling or attached to the wall, and they are so easy to slot together, that children as young as five can enjoy these amazing crafts for kids. For slightly older children (aged 7+ years) this 3D Totem Tree will provide hours of entertainment. Over 150 strong cardboard pieces make up the set of birds, leaves, apples, birdhouses and mushrooms that can be displayed on the tree in limitless different ways. A craft to be played with over and over again, this beautiful cardboard creation is 100% recyclable making it great for kids and kind to our world.
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