Cycling is a great summer activity, and a good way to get our children to compete in some healthy exercise. A family bike ride is a great way to spend some quality time with your kids, and in a world where an estimated 10% of UK children are clinically obese by the time they reach ten years old, we really need to promote exercise and healthy outdoor sporting activities. Cycling is beneficial to children in more ways than one, not only do they get to exercise and burn up any pent up energy, but they also learn about road safety, while gaining independence and confidence. Safety, of course, is paramount, especially when taking your children out onto roadside cycle paths and routes. Sadly, thousands of our kids end up in the A&E department each year due to bike injuries, and a surprising number of those are head injuries caused by children not wearing a safety helmet. Safety helmets have come a long way in the past 10 – 15 years and are no longer the unfashionable, uncomfortable helmets we may have been subjected to as kids. Stylish, well-made and fun safety helmets are now widely available, and make the perfect children’s gift for those receiving a bike this year. Crazy Stuff a Scandinavian company, have created a stunning line of safety helmets for children that combine fun, play and safety in one stylish item. Targeted for children aged three to eight years old, these animal shaped helmets are lightweight, fully moulded for a comfortable fit, and most importantly – fully compliant with British, European and US safety standards. Children actually enjoy wearing these safety helmets, and when something is considered ‘cool’ by my own kids then I know we have a winner. Not just for bike rides, these great looking, shock absorbent helmets offer excellent protection when your kids are out on their skateboards or roller-blades. While we cannot wrap our children in cotton wool, a great safety helmet can prevent a serious head injury. So keep your child’s head protected with a great safety helmet, and get plenty of plasters in for the grazed knees and elbows!
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