Sadly, the time has arrived, whereby the beautiful pink, flowery bedroom decor in my daughters bedroom has become 'dated' and in her own words 'uncool'! After much nagging and the odd tantrum, my husband and I have finally conceded and will be decorating her bedroom next week. So what should we consider when choosing new decoration? We do not want to follow trends, as the boy-band she 'loved' last month are virtually unheard of these days. We want the makeover to last through both her tween and teen years, so something young and fun with a touch of class is what we (I) have in mind. I believe a child's bedroom needs to be multi-functional and comfortable; a place which gives them immense pride in calling it their own. So we will be involving our daughter when making choices about her room, so that she has some impact on the colour scheme, design and theme. Safety is also an issue, as 'sleep-overs' are becoming increasing popular. I want to make sure that all the new furniture we buy conforms to excellent child-safety standards. The walls will be kept simple, we will use pictures for decoration. My children love pictures and they are the perfect way to add a personal touch to their bedroom. The Night Owl Art Print by Lisa Jones Studio, for example, is a stunning piece of hand-painted, silk-screened artwork. Retro in feel, the bold colours make this picture ideal for the contemporary home and is a lovely picture to hang in your child’s bedroom. The sheets, pillows, and comforters will be a mixed and matched selection. The Olaf Owl and the Pablo Peacock Cushions are made up of pretty patterns; rendered in stark monochrome have a distinctly modern feel and will match with any other colour in our scheme. I will also be sneaking in some informative and educational toys, such as books, toys, and arts & crafts items, that can make learning a fun experience. With the right type of decoration, my daughter will spend many happy hours in her room - peace at last!
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