Drawing and colouring is a craft for kids that any child of any age can do, and it is perhaps one of the cheapest crafts available today. A set of colouring pencils or felt tip pens, a great colouring book or some sheets of paper and you are ready to go. Far more advanced than the colouring items we had as children, today’s toy manufactures create exquisite colouring books and posters that look great once completed, so you really do not mind displaying them on your fridge! Felt tip pens and paints are now washable, so you do not have to cover every item of furniture and clothing when your kids get their colouring sets out from the toy box. So why not treat you little ones to some great crafts for kids today and get them away from the TV and onto something a bit more creative. These classic felt tip brushes by Djeco are highly pigmented and have a flexible brush tip that will allow your children to colour between the lines. With 10 different colours to choose from, they can create a bright and colourful piece of art, and once they have finished the pens can be returned to the cardboard box for safekeeping. If you would prefer to give your child colouring pencils, then ‘The Gruffalo’ chunky pencil set by Wild & Wolf are just what you are looking for. Containing 24 different coloured pencils and a wooden pencil sharpener in a keepsake Gruffalo tin, this delightful craft for kids set will last many a rain afternoon. Combine your colouring in pens and pencils with one of these foldout colouring posters by Rosie Flo, and your kids will have everything they need to create a work of art for their bedroom wall. Available in a range of different designs to suit girls and boys, this colouring posters are great fun to complete and that little different to the usual colouring book.
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