One could say that all toys are educational toys. Any item that encourages a child’s emotional and physical development, and teaches them to interact with other people while learning about the world, can be only beneficial to their education and intellect. More and more of the toys we see on the shelves today are designed with a child’s education in mind, so we have all the tools we need to teach our children valuable life lessons as they play. Playing cards are great educational toys, promoting creativity, concentration and observation without losing any of the fun factor. ‘The Gruffalo’ Giant Snap playing cards by Wild & Wolf are perfect for those new to card playing games. ‘Snap’ is a great game for children of all ages that improves hand-to-eye coordination, while teaching them to react quickly when their card appears. The 52 playing cards in this enchanting set are beautifully illustrated and come in a fun, decorative tin. This ‘Mini Match’ playing card game by Djeco has been designed to build observation and speed. Playing in a similar way to ‘snap’, the first player to match all their cards on the large ‘Meli-Melo’ card wins. Easy, fun and educational, this toy is perfect for children 3 years+ and comes with illustrated instructions in eight different languages. For something slightly more challenging, this ‘Crazy Family’ card game is a modern twist on the classic version of the ‘Happy families’ game. The game includes seven different families that are full of charming characters such as the Explorers and the Super Heroes. The idea of the game is collect complete families, you do so by questioning your opponents about their cards and if you correctly guess which card they have – they have to give it to you. A game of memory skill, the player with the most complete families wins! Educational toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so give your child the best possible start in the world, and let them learn as they play.

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