Eggcellent: It’s all about the Easter Egg Hunt

Easter, simply would not be Easter without a good old egg hunt. A chance for the kids to play ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘Nancy Drew’, to look in the corners of the garden that they otherwise would avoid and have an eggcellent time. Funny how the mere mumblings of the word ‘Chocolate’ can get them out of their comfort zones, up off their bums and whizzing off into their own little cocoons of happiness.

So, how can you keep the kids entertained, the adults sane and all walk away from Easter with a smile on your face? Bird Kids know how, not only do we have the products that will make your Easter, ‘memory worthy’ but we have some ideas that will become family favourites and even Easter traditions.

Easter Essentials for your Eggcellent Easter Egg hunt

Ever heard the saying ‘a tradesman is only as good as his tools’? why should it be anything different for your little ones? We have listed some of items that are an absolute must for a successful Easter Egg hunt.


  1. Chocolate – I mean I guess this is kind of teaching you how to suck eggs – pardon the pun. There are so many options out there, so if you have kids attending your Easter egg hunt that have dietary requirements then you won’t have to look too far. With so many different shapes, sizes and tastes you will well and truly leave Easter feeling like none other than Mr Willy Wonker himself.


  1. Bunny ears & dress up items – cute little bunny ears, duckling outfits and bunny onesies, are just a few of the fancy dress ideas available – why don’t you pick a few and have an Easter box ready for guests to pick which one they would like to wear. A great way of making everyone feel included and providing an invaluable power of ‘choice’.


  1. Easter egg baskets – these are great for storing all the chocolate your little ones will be collecting. You could ask that kiddies attend with their own baskets or you could provide a choice. (Check our rules section further down on how to make this fair)


  1. Easter hunt clues – these personalised messages will ensure that your kiddies remain on the right track – you can include things like ‘this way’, ‘hop this way’ ‘chocolate loading’, the list is endless and the best thing about it is you can be as creative as you want. But if you hate the idea of getting crafty, or simply don’t have time – we have an eggcellent Easter hunt kit here


  1. Easter hunt decorations – of course you will need some Eggcellent Easter decorations to really create the perfect Easter ambience. From little bunny sculptures to tree hanging egg ornaments, from handcrafted to shop bought - the possibilities are endless.


Easter egg hunt rules

We know rules are the last things kiddies want to hear about and ‘boo’ it is a party, but we think these rules will ensure that every little one attending walks away from your Easter egg hunt happy, and that the parent’s ears remain intact. Plus – the minute you mention chocolate they are fair game.

  • To ensure all children receive the same amount of eggs – try painting or encasing eggs in separate colours and assign each child a colour before the hunt starts. Kiddies will only be allowed to put their coloured egg into their basket which will mean they all get the same amount – no fighting, no screaming. We know, we are geniuses!
  • Try to couple up younger children with the older ones, to avoid overwhelm and to ensure they feel involved.

 Eggcellent Easter hunt ideas

There are many fabulous ideas you could include within your Easter egg hun to make it ‘Eggcellent’ – oh go on, we will divulge a little more:

  • A timed ‘Find your name box hunt’ – each plastic egg/box has a name in, if it isn’t yours hop on by the first person to find their name wins a prize.
  • Interactive Easter egg hunt – inside each egg will be an instruction ‘scratch your head’, ‘hop on one foot’, ‘pretend to be a bunny’ a perfect way to get everyone involved
  • Glow eggs – paint your Easter eggs with glow in the dark paint and set your little ones lose at night
  • Balloons – place balloons on the end of the eggs for the younger guests, to help them find the eggs.
  • Easter egg hunt relay race – set up a mini obstacle course to get your little ones into a competitive spirit
  • Eggcellent musical statues – we all know how this goes, except the prize must be CHOCOLATE

For more great Easter egg hunt ideas check out Country Living’s article here


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