Five Brilliant Half Term Boredom Busters

Half term is nearly here! You may be wondering how you will keep the little ones entertained. Well, never fear because Birdkids is here to help with some fun ideas for this February half term and a brilliant discount on our range of Pocket Money Toys (scroll to the bottom for details). From colourful marble sets to classic wooden toys, creative craft kits to fun games and activities, our pocket money toys also make great kids party bag fillers. Our range of affordable pocket money toys includes a selection of brilliant gifts and toys that little ones can choose for themselves. These items won't break the bank and offer a fun way for children to use their well-earned pocket money.

Fun Idea #1 - Arts & Crafts

Get crafty with one of our brilliant arts and crafts kits. We have everything from children’s painting and colouring, to workshops and build your own kits, all designed to keep your little one happily occupied all day long. Whether your child has mastered colouring in the lines or wishes to take their first stab at sewing, our range of crafts products will take their imagination along wherever it's pointed, whilst providing a guiding hand throughout their fun.

Fun Idea #2 - Gardening

Our gardening toys are a great incentive to get little ones excited about the great outdoors! From helping parents and grandparents around the garden with our child-friendly gardening tools to growing their own plants and vegetables, our children's gardening range provides a much-needed escape from screen time. Our brilliant grow your own kits make wonderful eco-friendly gifs for aspiring gardeners while our range of child-size gardening tools is ideal for encouraging little ones to get outside and enjoy the natural world.

Fun Idea #3 - Puzzles

A familiar sight in every child's life, puzzles are a fulfilling way to boost your child's cognitive abilities whilst letting them bask in the joy of accomplishment. Our selection of jigsaw puzzles for kids has been sourced from some brilliant brands that make a range of exciting and challenging puzzles. Whether your little one loves dinosaurs or mermaids, all things space or the natural world, our extensive kid's puzzles selection includes something for all ages and interests.

Fun Idea #4 - Get Musical

Bring out the musician within with our range of fun musical toys. We have a fab selection of colourful instruments that are a great way to encourage children to engage with music and have some fun! Playing and learning an instruemnt is a great way to occupy free time as well as a brilliant skill-building activity.

Fun Idea #5 - Role Play Toys

Enable your kids to enact their wildest fantasies with our fantastic role-play toys. Whether they dream of slaying dragons, protecting magical realms or simply playing grown-ups, all of our pretend play toys will keep little ones entertained for hours. We house products from Djeco, Janod and Egmont that will let any kid become anything from an elephant pizza chef to a superhero who likes to throw tea parties when they're not out saving the world...

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