FLATOUT is an Australian company owned by two sisters from Sydney who decided to invest their love for soft toys into their own business, and created their own version of the teddy bear - called FLATOUTbear.

Soft and cuddly, FLATOUTbear was sold online and through retailers in Sydney before becoming an internet sensation that spread across the globe.

Now sold in all major cities throughout the world, the beloved FLATOUTbear has acquired a celebrity following with the likes of Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman and even Princess Mary of Denmark adding these adorable bears to their baby wish lists.

So what makes the FLATOUTbear different? Well as the name suggests, this bear is flat and its unique design makes it the perfect baby’s toy and comforter. Made from 100% pure Australian sheepskin, this luxurious soft toy has baby safe eyes and nose, and comes complete with a “please phone home” label securely attached, so your FLATOUTbear will always come home.

Compliant with both Australian and International toy safety standards, you can give your child a FLATOUTbear in confidence, knowing that it is safe to play with and snuggle up to.

Winner of the “Women’s Weekly” product of the year 2011, the FLATOUTbear would make a perfect children’s gift, and as there are several different colours to choose from, such as Licorice, Chocolate, Rosie pink and Koala grey they are great collectable items.

Available in two sizes, our beautiful FLATOUTbears are currently on special offer and can be yours for just £24.99. Furthermore, FLATOUTaustralia donates some of their proceeds to CEDAC (the centre of study and Cambodian agricultural development), so you are not only treating your kids, but you are helping those less fortunate in Cambodia.

FLATOUTbears – sharing the love!

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