When it comes to finding children's toys and activities that combine uniqueness and a love for the traditional, there's no better place to go than Djeco. From hand-painted wooden toys to endless varieties of educational based games, their range are full of ways to whittle away the hours on a rainy day, all whilst building lifelong memories. In this particular regard, we have to shine a bright, bright spotlight on the incredible range of Djeco Children's Jigsaw Puzzles. More than just a stocking filler to be pulled occasionally from the cupboard shelf, Djeco's Children's Jigsaw Puzzles come in all shapes in sizes, and are designed to teach, inspire and fuel the imagination. With intriguing illustrations and solid craftsmanship, each of these jigsaws will entertain both parents and adults of all ages, but to find the one that will best suit you and your little one, here's a guide of all the major types available:

Puzzle Duo & Trio Sets

Djeco Puzzle Duo - Opposites
Djeco Puzzle Duo - Numbers
Djeco Puzzle Trio - Histories
Djeco Puzzle Trio - The Day
Primarily designed to help children as young as 3 to discover pattern recognition and the art of storytelling, these illustrated sets contain multiple puzzles to complete. Each two-piece or three-piece jigsaws in these packs feature illustrations that range from the quirky and cute to the heart-warming and clever; all of which will hugely benefit a young one's development and creativity.

Silhouette Jigsaws

Djeco Silhoette 54 Piece Jigsaw - Dragon's Castle
Djeco Silhoette 54 Piece Jigsaw - Elsie's Carriage
Djeco Silhoette 54 Piece Jigsaw - Puss in Boots
A collection of puzzles that take their marvellous apperance beyond their 50+ pieces, the Djeoc Silhouette Jigsaws each come with a decorative, specially shaped box that would look terrific sitting on a shelf. The puzzles themselves range from classic fairy tales to imaginative fantasy fare. With great choices for both boys and girls, these Djeco jigsaw puzzles are a great gift idea whe nyou're after something truly special.

500 Piece Jigsaws

Djeco Gallery 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Mythology
Djeco Gallery 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Ladies and their Unicorns
These puzzles are a great choice of pastime for older children (9-13 years) who've moved on to jigsaws that are more mature; not only in size and piece count, but subject matter to. Taking inspiration from folklore and mythology, each of these Djeco Gallery 500 piece puzzles are one metre in length when completed, and are designed to withstand years of play and countless revisiting.

Giant Floor Puzzles

djeco giant floor puzzle

Djeco Giant 36 Pice Jigsaw Floor Puzzle - Tales Parade
Djeco Giant 36 Jigsaw Floor Puzzle - Elliott The Pirate
Djeco Giant 54 Piece Jigsaw Floor Puzzle - Princess Charline
Our last, and unquestionably our largest puzzles, are great fun for all the family! Unusual, ingenious and a marvel to look at, these Djeco Giant jigsaw puzzles require you to devote a portion of your floor over a metre in length, with the designs themselves available in a variety of marvellously illustrated shapes to capture a child's imagination. Made from sturdy cardboard and suitable for all children over 4 years old, these Djeco products are jigsaw puzzles taken to the next level of fun! For all future spotlights on Djeco products, keep an eye on the Birdkids Facebook page, our Twitter @bird_kids or via Google+.