Halloween Activities For Kids
halloween It feels like only yesterday that it was Christmas, and we're now zipping our way through the year at the speed of light with a glimpse of Halloween on the horizon. Halloween has always very much been an 'American' tradition, but it grows in popularity year on year in the UK and it's a fun tradition to celebrate, build up to, and most importantly keep those little ones occupied over half term! With trick or treating aside, we've put together a list of some of our favourite tried and tested Halloween activities for kids that we promise are a whole lot of fun, and only a tiny bit spooky! Create A Ghost Grab some plain white carrier bags, a white balloon, scissors, tape and a black marker pen, everyone knows a spooky ghost comprises of these ingredients! This is a relatively simple, fun, and cost free activity if you have all of these readily available items to hand. To get started cut the handles off the white plastic bags and any other colour marking that may be on the bag, it's best to look for completely plain white bags with no branding if you can find any. When cutting off the handles, ensure that you leave the seam of the bottom of the bag intact and cut the rest of the bags into strips, leaving a couple cms at the bottom of the bag where the seam is. Next, blow up a white balloon and tape the plastic bag around the end of the balloon, with the seam end up taped on first, the bits you cut into strips will then dangle down making a spooky decoration. Take the black marker pen and draw two eyes and a spooky mouth on the balloon. You can then play with the 'ghost' or hang it up as you want, you'll find that this ghost really flies too! Colouring Printables For those dreary, rainy October days when playing amongst the leaves and mud is a no no, you can always count on some pages of a colouring book to keep your little ones occupied! There are so many FREE downloadable Halloween printables on the internet, so your child will never be short of 'new' pages to colour in. Activity Village have a massive selection of Halloween Colouring Pages to keep your little ones occupied for hours on end. There's witches, skeletons and even haunted houses waiting to be brought to life with colour! Ghost Bowling Yep, you heard it right, ghost bowling! We promise this will provide hours of fun and laughs, and again, it's a relatively cost free activity! All you need are 6 white paper cups, a marker pen and an orange. Grab the white cups and draw 2 eyes and a ghoulish mouth on the cups when they are upside down. Draw the same face onto the orange and you are ready to go! Stack the 6 cups into a pyramid (3 on the botttom, 2 in the middle, 1 on the top), set a distance from where you will roll the orange and away you go. The aim is to see how many cups you can knock down in one go, best of 5 games wins! Pumpkin Decorating Lets face it, Halloween isn't complete without a pumpkin in some shape or form! It's an iconic item that we associate with Halloween and they provide the perfect decorations for parties, and for creating a cosy Halloween Eve! Carving pumpkins is the most traditional activity, but it leaves very little that your child can do as it usually includes having to use a sharp knife to carve out the pumpkin. A much more child friendly way to get your child involved is in decorating the pumpkin. Instead of carving out the face you want, why not draw it? It's simple, easy, lots of fun and your children can be as creative as they want! There are SO many different ideas on Pinterest if you want to have a go, but why not just give your child a bundle of pens and let their creativity run wild? It can then still be carved out afterwards if you want to make use of the inside of the Pumpkin! Halloween is such a magical and lovely time to get creative and have some fun, it's the start of the dark evenings so it's about creating those memories indoors that will hopefully form lasting traditions that you'll revisit each and every Halloween! These are just a few of our favourite ideas, but we promise you'll find lots more Halloween themed ideas after an afternoon spent on Pinterest! Happy Halloween! Look out for our future blog posts on our Facebook page, Instagram or by following us at @bird_kids.