How make a DIY birdfeeder at home

Creating a bird feeder with a toilet paper roll is a fun and simple craft that kids can enjoy. Here's a step-by-step guide for making a basic bird feeder using a toilet paper roll:

Materials needed:

  1. Empty toilet paper roll
  2. Peanut butter (or sunflower butter as an alternative)
  3. Birdseed
  4. String or ribbon
  5. Butter knife or spatula
  6. Plate or shallow dish


  1. Gather materials: Collect all the materials you'll need for the craft.
  2. Spread peanut butter: Use a butter knife or spatula to spread a layer of peanut butter over the outside of the toilet paper roll. Ensure an even coating.
  3. Roll in birdseed: Pour birdseed onto a plate or shallow dish. Roll the peanut butter-coated toilet paper roll in the birdseed, pressing gently to make sure the seeds adhere to the peanut butter.
  4. Fill the roll: If there's a hole at the top of the toilet paper roll, you can fill it with additional birdseed for the birds to access. Alternatively, you can leave it as is.
  5. Create a hanger: Cut a piece of string or ribbon and thread it through the hole in the toilet paper roll. Tie a knot at the top, creating a loop for hanging.
  6. Hang the bird feeder: Find a suitable outdoor location to hang the bird feeder. You can use a tree branch, a hook, or any other place where birds frequently visit.
  7. Watch and enjoy: Wait for the birds to discover the feeder and enjoy watching them feed.

This simple bird feeder is not only a great way to attract birds to your backyard but also a creative and eco-friendly craft for kids. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for children to observe and appreciate nature.

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