It may not be summer time just yet, but that doesn’t mean that children can’t have fun over the next few months. With spring only a matter of weeks away, it’s a great time to have fun in the home or in the garden whether it’s playing role-play games or riding a bike. So if your kids are looking forward to the Easter break, it may be the perfect time to update your toys and activities. To ensure your children will never fall short of having fun, we’ve come up with this list of activities for spring which are sure to keep them occupied in any weather! Baking It’s always fun to try something new and with so many options for baking in spring such as hot cross buns, gingerbread or cakes, you can try different recipes with your children. To make tasks even more entertaining in the kitchen for children, they can wear a cute apron! image of Farm PVC Apron Painting Perfect for indoor or outdoor fun, you can find the perfect paint set in our collection. Whether it’s developing your artistic skills or experimenting with colour, there is sure to be something for every child in this varied range. Ride A Bike Giving children the freedom and independence they adore, riding a bike is not only good exercise, it is also something you can do with the whole family. With so many physical, social and mental benefits to cycling, this will make a great activity for spring. Build Your Own Catapult An innovative wooden kit for construction, this makes a wonderful activity for children who enjoy a hands-on approach. Complete with detailed instructions, the kit enables you to produce your own catapult to keep you occupied for hours. image of Build Your Own - Pathfinders Catapult Craft Kits Whatever design or craft your child is into, you are sure to find the perfect gift in this craft kit collection. Including a range of kits featuring card, felt or jewellery, there’s plenty of choice for keeping children occupied on a rainy day. Colouring & Drawing When it comes to colouring and drawing, the creative possibilities are endless. By providing children with an opportunity to use their imagination and artistic skills, they can be kept entertained for hours. image of 10 Felt Brushes (Felt Tip Double Ended Pens) - New Colours Whatever the weather this spring, you can ensure that children will always have fun indoors or outdoors with these fantastic activity ideas!