No Added Sugar are one of our favourite brands and we thought it is only fair to give a little background on how this children’s clothing company started and the story behind it’s growth. No Added Sugar has built up a reputation over the last 10 years for producing high quality modern children’s wear that oozes with a classic straight-forward style. The brand originally started in 2001 as a husband and wife team operating out of their London based loft. In the beginning Deborah (the founder) used to haul bags of stock down to the post office at the end of each day, as the business took off and the number of bags tallied up this quickly became unfeasible. They found their house became swamped with boxes of No Added Sugar clothes and soon moved out into an office. Jumping forward to 2007 which saw their first full collection, since then many collections have followed and the brand has grown massively in both volume and geographical distribution. By then No Added Sugar was distributing its children’s clothes to stores around the world and had full representation of the brand in America and Germany. In 2009 the business was relocated to Hampshire, amongst the rolling hills and picturesque countryside, unfortunately this meant saying goodbye to many of the team who had been with No Added Sugar for years. It is now March 2011 and the focus is on next season’s collection. At Bird Kids we are very excited and are eager for Autumn to roll around so we can share all these wonderful clothes. Readers, if you are keen for a bargain we still some No Added Sugar sale items at massively reduced prices. This includes boys, girls and baby wear.

For Boys

No Added Sugar Boys Chequered Future Shirt No Added Sugar Boys Chequered Future Shirt o Added Sugar Think outside the boxBoys Think Outside the Box T-Shirt

For Girls

no added sugar blue regent dressNo Added Sugar Blue Regent Dress girls no added sugar dressNo Added Sugar Girls Bustle Dress

For Babies

"Boy" No Added Sugar all in one Baby Girl Holland Park No Added Sugar dress set Thanks for reading, see you next week.
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