If you would like to ‘do your bit’ for the planet then a good place to start is by choosing natural products made from organic materials.

Organic Food, toys and baby clothing are now widely available on the high street and via online stores, and most organic items are no more expensive than regular non-organic products of the same quality.

Organics for Kids is a British company based in Nottingham. Specialising in organic baby clothing they manufacture a range of cute and comfortable baby wear made from 100% organic materials. Certified by the Soil Association, Ethical Trading Initiative, the Control Union and GOTS (global organic textile standards), Organics for kids is passionate about dressing children in high quality baby clothing without having a negative impact on the environment.

From cute jackets and reversible trousers to baby hats and sleep-suits, Organics for kids has created a beautiful collection of practical and attractive baby clothing suitable for newborns right through to toddlers.

Baby clothing made from organic cotton is soft to the touch and washes extremely well, and as it is a natural fibre it allows the skin to breath, it is comfortable, and will not cause itching or rashes as some synthetic materials might.

With most items in our collection of Organics for kids baby clothing on special offer, now is the perfect time to switch to natural, organic products and do your bit for the environment.

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