Soft Toys appeal to girls and boys of all ages, so they often feature highly on our kids Christmas wish lists. Teddy Bears, stuffed animals, rattles and dolls make wonderful gifts for both newborns and older kids, and are the perfect addition to a Christmas stocking. Choosing from the huge array of soft toys available can be the hardest part for us mums and dads, but within the Pebble collection, it is easy to find something for everyone. Pebble soft toys are made by Hathay Bunano, a non-profit organisation based in Bangladesh. A fair trade program designed to help local women out of poverty, Hathay Bunano provides good working conditions and fairly paid employment to rural women, who make all the Pebble soft toys by hand. Made from high quality organic cotton, these unique soft toys and baby rattles are bright, colourful and perfect for tiny hands to grab and play with. Child safe and meeting all European safety standards, these adorable soft toys are machine washable and with the right care and attention, they will grow old with your kids and become a lifelong friend. A firm customer favourite throughout the year, Harry Teddy Bear appeals to both children and adults and would make a charming addition to a new baby’s bedroom. Soft and cuddly, Harry is hand knitted so no two bears are identical. When you give a Pebble soft toy, you are not only giving your child a wonderful gift, you are supporting the communities of those less fortunate, so make this Christmas a very special one and spread the festive spirit across the globe with a Pebble soft toy.
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