Get the kids out in the fresh air this summer holiday with a great selection of children’s toys designed to be used outdoors. From children’s gardening toys to lawn games, an abundance of bright and colourful toys now line our toy stores shelves and they are perfect for encouraging our young ones to get active outside. Computer games and crafts for kids are great for rainy afternoons, but when we are lucky enough to get some sunshine it seems such a waste not to get out there and enjoy it. So slap on some suntan lotion, a great summer hat, and have some fun in the sun with your kids. Most children love to garden, and while they might not know the difference between weeds and your prized rose bush, they will happily spend hours digging, planting seeds and making the infamous ‘mud pies’ that we have all made at some stage during our lives. Vibrantly coloured buckets, spades, rakes and watering cans are widely available in the children’s toys section of most supermarkets and online stores, and they are relatively inexpensive. So provide your little gardener with their own collection of gardening tools, and encourage them to get their hands dirty for a change! Lawn games such as Bowls are popular outdoor activities for children, and you do not need to have a garden to enjoy them. Simply pack a picnic and take these traditional children’s toys along to the local park or playing field for an afternoon of family fun. If you are lucky enough to have some outdoor space, a sand pit will provide weeks of entertainment. Combined with some great digging, sandcastle building and other washable toys, your kids will love to play with this wonderfully versatile material, just as we did. Our “Great British Summer” is not usually that great! but we can make the most of the good days we have with a great selection of children’s outdoor toys.
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