Most of us cannot wait to buy a cute pair of shoes for our new baby. While they may not actually "need" them until they start toddling around, a beautiful pair of soft leather shoes look stunning with any outfit. With such a vast variety available, your little boy or girl can start wearing these soft shoes from newborn right up to 18 months, and providing you purchase shoes made from high quality materials that fit well, you will not impede the development of their feet. Always look for baby shoes made out of good quality leather or suede; the breathable material absorbs moisture and keeps your babies feet feeling fresh, cool and comfortable all day long. Inch Blue, a Welsh based company; offer a fantastic range of shoes for your baby. With over 100 different styles to choose from, these leather shoes have been endorsed by a Chiropodist, so you can be sure that you not harming to your babies feet. For little girls, these 'Mouse' Rose pink shoes are beautiful. The soft breathable leather will protect her feet as she grows and the elasticated ankles ensure the shoes stay on, comfortably. The little man in your life will look adorable in 'Penguine' Marine Suede shoes. Featuring supple, non-slip, suede soles, these shoes are ideal for tiled and wooden floors and are possibly the next best thing to bare feet! As your child becomes more mobile you will need to look for shoes that are more robust, with a supportive sole and a more substantial 'upper'.The collection of summer shoes by Tip Toey Joey is a wonderful place to start for such shoes. Designed by a father that couldn't find suitable shoes for his young daughter; these of shoes have received great reviews from parents all over the world. The Stone Blue Parky sandal would suit any child. Crafted in the finest quality leather, these shoes feature a 'stretching heel' to offer ankle support as you baby starts to walk.Lined with a padded leather insole, your babies feet will remain cool, and they will happily run around all summer long. Let's just hope you can keep up with them!
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