Have you ever been to visit our Bird Kids store in Fowey? No? Oh, well you’re missing out! But don’t worry, today’s blog is going to be a little bit different; we’re going to take you for a sneak peak of our lovely little shop (Oh, and click on any of the pictures to make them bigger)! Fowey is a beautiful little seaside town in Cornwall. It hosts the Daphne du Maurier Literary Festival every May and is a simply wonderful place to visit. We love being here! In the first picture, you can see the outside of our shop. We haven’t pictured our new railings, as unfortunately they’re painted a horrible black colour. As soon as we have some sun, we’ll be painting them a bright orange to match the rest of the shop. In the second, you can see the back of our window display and the edge of our counter to the right. The chalk board is always very popular with children who don’t like shopping as much as their parents! If you go further into the shop, you come into our “Aladdin’s Cave” full of arts and craft supplies, children’s clothes and toys. You can see in the first picture our range of fantastic Djeco craft sets, our Bob & Blossom tutus and, on the right, our baby and toddler clothes. The second picture shows your children’s clothes, which are on the left hand side of our ‘back room’. Our range of Moomin gifts sit along this shelf, too. The first picture here shows you what would be behind you as you come into the second room. As well as toys and rattles from Pebble and Klippan, we have Petit Jour’s Moux and Moomin tableware and so much more. On the other side of the wall, back in the first room, you’ll find another bookcase, well stocked with even more of Djeco’s art supplies and some other craft items. We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into our wonderful little shop. When you’re next in Fowey area, pop in to say hi and explore it for yourself. As well as the great range of children's clothes, toys and arts and craft supplies, you never know what you may find! We'll also be uploading these pictures to our Facebook page, including some new ones, too!

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