The Best Creative Art & Craft Kits For Kids

At Birdkids, we source the best in children’s crafts, choosing those inspired by nature and the world around us. From children’s painting and colouring to workshops and build your own kits. All of our art and craft kits are designed to keep your little one happily occupied all day long. Whether your child has mastered colouring in the lines or wishes to take their first stab at sewing, our range of crafts products will take their imagination along wherever it's pointed, whilst providing a guiding hand throughout their fun. In this blog post, we share some of our best arts and crafts kits that are super fun and will teach your little one a new skill.

Djeco Pom Pom Art - Softly Softly

This creative craft kit from Djeco allows you to create beautiful pictures featuring bears, rabbits, sheep and a fox using the included colourful pom-poms and glue stick. Ideal for letting your child explore their creativity, this kit will also help improve your child's dexterity, hand-eye coordination, patience and attention to detail.

Décopatch Mini Kit - Cat

Enable your child to discover the wonderful world of Décopatch with this Mache Mini Kit. Much like the art of papier-mâché, your little one can be as creative as they wish as they decorate the cute little cat with the selection of papers provided within. The finished result will make an adorable decoration for any room that your child will want to proudly display.

Recommended Age: 4yrs+

Djeco Create a Cartoon Kit - Flying

This fun and creative craft kit from Djeco invites children to create their very own comic strip with funny and endearing characters using the decals provided. Simply rub the images with the pencil and the image is transferred to the accordion board. Step by step, children position the elements on the illustrated boards to complete the story as it takes shape before their eyes.

Recommended Age: 5yrs+

Tiger Tribe Jewellery Design Kit - Super Clay Necklaces

Create your own on-trend sculpted bead necklaces with this Jewellery Design Kit from Tiger Tribe. Super Clay is a lightweight air-drying modelling clay for kids that requires no baking. Young jewellery designers will be inspired by its easy-to-mould soft texture that can be rolled, stretched, swirled and sculpted into any shape they like. By following the easy visual instructions kids will be fashioning their own beautiful bead necklaces in no time, perfect for brightening up a special outfit or gift-giving to friends and family. Super Clay is non-toxic and mess-free.

Recommended Age: 6yrs+

Avenir Sewing Doll Kit - Deer

Sew a cute and trendy deer friend that is 30cm tall with this Sewing Kit from Avenir. Follow the included simple instructions to make your adorable unicorn plush toy. This sewing kit is great for fine motor skill development and perfect for parent-child interaction. The instructions will teach your child a range of different sewing techniques.

Recommended Age: 6yrs+

Clockwork Soldier Create Your Own Majestic Tiger Head

Create a wall decoration that will make you want to roar! This wonderfully wild tiger head crafting kit will give any bedroom or nursery a magical jungle theme. A great artistic activity to keep anyone busy, all card comes pre-cut and pre-scored, just follow the instructions - no glue, scissors or additional tools are required!

Recommended Age: 7yrs+

Janod Feather Craft Kit - Masked Ball

Get everyone ready for the masquerade ball with this creative craft kit from Janod. It includes four stunning pictures that need to be decorated with the included feathers and cut-out paper feathers. This simple and relaxing creative activity is a fantastic alternative to screen time and your little one will love creating their very own feathery pictures.

Recommended Age: 7yrs+

Sentosphère Bath Bomb Making Kit

Create 10 colourful and delicately scented bath bombs that will effervesce in your bath with this amazing bath bomb making kit from Sentosphère. This super fun homemade activity allows you to create your very own bath bombs in the shapes of flowers, starfish, rocket ships or planets! A subtle mixture of cosmetic products will be compressed into the different shapes of the mould. Once it has hardened, you can use your creations for a delicately coloured, scented, sparkling and relaxing bath.

Recommended Age: 8yrs+

You can browse our entire range of brilliant arts and crafts kits here.

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