Schools are officially out for the summer and whilst their excitement is tantamount, the boredom usually sets in by the second week, knowing full well there's another 5 weeks of time left to occupy your children. But don't panic! Whether you're holidaying abroad or having a stay-cation, there are many travel games for kids available on Birdkids that will not only keep your child busy playing for hours but will also keep parents sane! Without further ado, here are the top ten games to keep your children occupied this summer - you can thank us later! #1. Mini games - Mazes by Ariane These mini games by Djeco are part of a best selling collection, small and easy enough to cram into a backpack and store in your car. These are fun for younger children and will keep your child occupied on long plane and car journeys - those 'are we there yet' exclamations will be a thing of the past! image (64) #2. Board Game - Chess & Checkers A game loved by parents and children alike, this reversible board and wooden pieces all fit together in a slim fitting suitcase that can easily be carried pretty much everywhere! Great for bringing out when boredom strikes. image (65) #3. Battleships Magnetic Game A traditional game with a modern slant, a fun set which is sure to become a firm favourite for young children. Great for nautical holidays - easy to carry and play on the go. image (66) #4. Colouring Postcard's These pretty colouring postcards have two agendas when travelling, easy to carry and fun to colour in on the go, and they double up as unique postcards which can be sent to your loved ones back home! image (67) #5. Sonny Angel - Limited Edition Laduree Dolls These highly collectable mini dolls are super fun to play with and they are very endearing. Complete with their very own little box to keep them safe when not in use, they don't need to be left at home and can take part in all of the family adventures! image (68) #6. Rattle Flower Newborn babies still need to be kept entertained on long journeys, this colourful rattle has a gentle tinkling rattle to engage the attention of your child! image (69) #7. Observation 35 piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Party in the Forest Once the travelling is done and you're at the destination, crack out the puzzles - fun for all the family! This box is easy to travel with, especially on caravanning holidays. image (70) #8. Mini Games - Spot the Difference Remi Another great Djeco mini game, this is the perfect size for carrying around. Each one contains 30 different sheets, they should keep your little one busy for a while! image (72) #9. Lewis Toad Every adventure requires a side kick! Lewis Toad is a very friendly and mischievous toad who loves to travel and meet new friends. Lewis will be a loyal travel companion for every young child! image (71) #10. Okido Magazine - No 35 -Seasons Encourage reading and education on holiday, but in a fun way! Everyone loves to read a magazine, especially when they feature beautiful illustrations like these! image (73) Travel and children friendly, these games are sure to be a hit with kids across the country this year. Whether you're staying closer to home or holidaying abroad this year have a great summer! What are your tips for keeping children occupied on long trips? Let us know on our Facebook page & Twitter!
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