Top 6 Wooden Dollhouses for Kids in 2020 

A wooden dollhouse is an essential toy for any child and any playroom. They can teach your little one a myriad of different skills including imagination and creativity, life skills, organisation skills, vocabulary development and more! Dollhouses are loved by children and adults alike and they offer an invaluable way to act out different scenarios and communicate, at times, difficult topics. Not only are dollhouses useful for developing skills, but they also give children hours of endless fun as the play possibilities are limitless. In this blog post, we share our top six wooden dollhouses for both boys and girls that your little ones will love!

Rose Cottage

Winner of a platinum Best Toy Award from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Rose Cottage is the template by which many other dolls houses are judged. Beautifully constructed in wood with lift-back roof pieces, loft access and easy access to all the rooms, there's even a sliding patio door to the rear.

This Wooden Doll's House includes 27 pieces of furniture, a six-piece doll family plus a dog and a cat. Every room is magnificently furnished but your child's finishing touches are always what makes a house a home.

Mayberry Manor Dolls House

Welcome to Mayberry Manor Dolls House, a deluxe fully painted and decorated large 3 storey doll's house with attic windows and chimney stacks. Features include large bay windows, room dividers, a loft ladder, opening sash windows and a reversible roof panel to form a garden path.

Ethically made from sustainable materials, Mayberry Manor Doll House promotes endless hours of imaginative and social play and refines coordination skills in a fun environment.

Cottontail Cottage

This gorgeous wooden dolls house brings traditional play right into the heart of the home with everything you need to get started. The rather grand detached cottage is a playground for rabbits, who feature on the front of the house and are also looked after with a big bowl of carrots to keep them happy.

With a stylish room in the roof and a front that hinges open to reveal all the life inside, this is a perfect place for children to tell stories and create their own little world of characters. This wonderful wooden dolls house is built to last and has been made using sustainably sourced materials.

Foxtail Villa

The Foxtail Villa Dolls House is a grand townhouse full of stylish furniture and stories waiting to be told. Opening up to reveal a two-story house, with plenty of room in the roof space to grow, this is a perfect little world to inhabit, invent stories in and just see what happens next!

Supplied with the house is a set of modern furniture including a funky sofa, table and chair, cooker, sink unit, bed with covers, wardrobe, standard lamp, bathroom set and high-level flush toilet. Made using sustainably sourced materials, this dolls house is built to last.

Dovetail House

This impressive, double fronted and stylish house is ready to move into! The Dovetail is the smartest house on the street – a two storey home with room in the room for all sorts of play. There are window boxes full of plants, shutters on the windows, a porch and on the front door, there is even a seasonal wreath to welcome in all your friends.

The house opens up at the middle to show all three floors, with a stylish open staircase to move between the floors. This is a spacious home for a family who are going places and is supplied empty so you can add your own special stamp to the place.

Bluebird Villa

Give your children the dolls house of their dreams with this fully furnished and decorated Bluebird Villa from Tender Leaf Toys. This beautiful house offers all-round play as it is open on all sides and can turn on a clever swivel base.

The Villa is constructed from the finest grade plywood for durability, has three floors and eight rooms and is hand-painted with a non-toxic water stain. All the furniture is made with beautiful rubberwood and wood stained with pretty colours.

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