Perhaps the most traditional craft for kids would have to be painting. Designed to encourage your child’s creativity, painting is the perfect outlet for budding artists to show their artistic flair and let their imaginations run wild. Children’s painting sets have improved dramatically over the years, mostly made up of non-toxic, washable ingredients, the children’s paints available today are both harmless to our children and our furniture! An inexpensive craft for kids, paints are relatively cheap to buy and are widely available through online retailers. Combined with some good quality paper (or even newspaper if that is all you have), a set of bright and colourful finger paints can create hours of entertainment, and your children will love the fact that they have something to show for it, at the end of all their hard work. Perfect for tiny hands, these Finger Paint Tubes by Djeco are easy to use. Designed to limit the amount of paint expelled with each squeeze, your child will actually get to paint a picture rather than themselves! Containing six vibrantly coloured paints in shades of Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow and two shades of green, your little Picasso will happily spend an entire rainy afternoon working on their masterpiece. Packaged in a beautifully decorated cardboard box, this finger paint set would make an excellent children’s gift for any occasion. Of course, your fridge is going to have to display these wonderful works of art for some time to come, but I think that is a small price to pay for this great craft for kids.
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