As children grow, their tastes change so quickly it can be difficult to keep up! When it comes to their bedrooms, you could spend a fortune redecorating time and time again, or you could try some of these fantastic wall stickers from Djeco. Quick and easy to apply, these wall stickers are perfect for breathing new life in to a room. They’re also quick and easy to remove or reposition, making them fun and interactive without damaging your wall.

Image of Wall Stickers Height Chart - Friends of the Amazon  from Djeco
Gone are the days where you mark your child’s height on the door frame! This wall sticker features a cartoon giraffe and friends, most of which can be placed where you please. The most exciting bit, however, are the flower stickers. They have a lined space in the middle for names and dates, and they’re then used to track your child’s height!
Image of Wall Stickers - Pirates Alphabet  from Djeco
For children just beginning to learn their alphabet, these pirate wall stickers are perfect. The pack contains a wonderful 83 letters in total, and as they’re so easy to reposition, they can be used as a fun way to start learning to spell. They could also be used to spell out a child’s name or fun, pirate-y words as a brilliant decoration.
Image of Wall Stickers - The Poem Tree  from Djeco
Finally, for older or artier children, I just love the Poem Tree wall sticker. The pack contains an amazing 95 stickers, allowing children to really let their imaginations run wild creating their very own Poem Tree. As with all our stickers, they’re easy to reposition, giving hours of enjoyment and creativity. Djeco’s wall stickers are ideal for brightening a children's room and creating a whole new look without breaking the bank. Their bright colours and stunning designs are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.
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