It's October, which for many of us means only one thing... Halloween is coming!

It can be hard to come up with party ideas year after year, and when you've got children around, you really want to make those scary nights of ghoulish games, trick or treating and movie watching memorable.

So if you fancy doing something more than apple bobbing and lighting a few candles, Birdkids have put together our gruesome countdown of decorations, costumes, games and party essentials to get you in the scary spirit!

meri meri witch halloween party cups

You've got your cauldron, broomstick and black cat at the ready, now all you need is a pointed hat! 

meri meri tattoos - cat and pumpkin

Complete your creepy costume with this devilish set of temporary tattoos with unique cat and pumpkin designs from Meri Meri.

meri meri halloween balloon kit

Turn your home into a haunted mansion with a little help from this frightening foursome of ghost, witch, pumpkin and skull themed balloons.

djeco game - monster ghost

Every Halloween party needs a ghoulish game or two... So why not test your memory and speed with this ghost themed card set that the little witches and wizards will enjoy.

meri meri cats ears & tail dressing up

Make a hair-raising first impression at any spooky get-together with this cute cat ears and tail set from Meri Meri.

meri meri halloween skull paper plates

These paper plates are great for placing on any party table in the crypt...

meri meri halloween tutu & headband

Are you going to The Monster's Ball? All you need is this showstopping tutu and headband decorated in cobwebs, sparkly embellishments and finished off with a spooky black design.

meri meri halloween cupcake kit

Because every Halloween party needs a coffin full of cupcakes!

meri meri bat halloween party cups

Fill these shimmering gold bat themed party cups with the red fizzy drink of your choice and you'll feel just like a vampire...

Post By Ed Mason