31 fun things to do with the kids this summer

The fateful words "I'm bored!" are bound to crop up at some point during the summer holidays, it's just inevitable.

So how to you swerve it? And how do you keep your children entertained for the duration of that 6 - or more - week break?

Worry not! Birdkids have come up with an entire months worth of activities to keep them entertained easily and relatively cheaply...

#1. Build a fort indoors using sofa cushions and duvets.

#2. Camp overnight in the garden.

#3. Take a picture of every day of the summer holidays and stick them in a scrapbook.

#4. Bake cute dog shaped cookies!

#5. Go on a family bike ride.

#6. Learn how to use skipping rope.

#7. Go bird watching.

#8. Set up a lemonade stand.

#9. Plant a tree.

#10. Have a Peter Rabbit themed picnic in your garden.

#11. Lie down in the garden and work out cloud shapes and names.

#12. Create a time capsule to bury in the garden.

#13. Go to the beach or go on a nature trail.

#14. Organise a summer party, invite parents and kids alike.

#15. Play a game of Plan Toys mini golf!

#16. Play catch, Frisbee or practice cartwheels.

#17. Turn your living room into a cinema, complete with tickets, popcorn and your favourite Disney movie.

#18. Dress up as your favourite animal.

#19. Make rainbow fruit skewers.

#20. Start and finish our 500 piece unicorn jigsaw puzzle.

#21. Watch the sunrise

#22. Watch the sunset

#23. Learn a dance routine.

#24. Make a DIY swing the back garden.

#25. Make your own jewellery.

#26. Start every morning with your favourite activity book.

#27. Learn the names of as many countries in the world as you can.

#28. Create a homemade pizza.

#29. Learn a magic trick.

#30. Get creative with Djeco's multicoloured modelling dough.

#31. Write down everything you do during the holidays in a diary.