4 Reasons Why Your Child Doesn't Need A Smartphone

Modern technology has given us a shortcut to information and it's made our lives easier and more connected in countless ways.

But if you've just welcomed a baby into the world or you're now raising a young child, you're probably faced with a bit of a crossroads... Do I get them a tablet or smartphone?

There are of course many pros and cons to this argument, but we've put together a few reasons why your little one is probably better off without technology while they're still growing and why you should always take the path of natural and physical play...

It Hinders Creativity

Whether you're a fully grown adult or a young child, smartphones and tablets put you in a state of sensory overload and complete disengagement from the outside world.

Although it would be incorrect to say that there's nothing educational or intellectually nourishing using a smartphone - the constant, mindless interaction with technology prevents your child's mind from naturally wandering, experiencing and imagining. Childhood memories are important, and they often frame our adult lives. Therefore making sure your child spends time playing in the garden and not on their gadgets will broaden their minds and give them the freedom to think more laterally and creatively about the world around them.

What Should I Do Instead?

Explore our complete range of arts and craft kits! Whether your child likes working with felt, glitter, card or jewellery, there's something for them to get their creative claws into here...

It Impacts Sleep

At any age, sleep is very important. But more so during those formative
childhood years of mental and physical development, growth and learning. There's a lot written on the way smartphones work to disrupt are natural sleep patterns and prevent us from getting the correct amount of shuteye. This is a particular issue with kids as a lack of sleep can shorten attention spans, promote unhealthy weight gain, detrimentally affect their ability to learn and absorb information, weaken the immune system and impede the body's natural production of hormones for growth.

What Should I Do Instead?

Encourage your little one to go to sleep with this cute bedtime card game - it only lasts around 10 minutes, but it will get your toddler to get super settled down and ready for forty winks in no time.

It Can Affects Their Social Skills

Gaming and smartphone use can be a highly social activity, but it can also be a very inward-looking and isolated form of activity that doesn't require any interaction with the real world, which may prevent them from picking up and understanding social cues and different forms of communication from an early age.

What Should I Do Instead?

Get your kids playing together with this stripped down children's version of battleships!

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What About All The Other Toys?

Soft toys, role playing toys, dressing up, musical instruments, jigsaw puzzles... A smartphone can take the focus away from the vibrancy of physical play. If you need some more inspiration, take a look at Birdkids' complete range of toys & games to get a good idea of what we're talking about...

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