Bonfire Night is an incredibly exciting time for kids. With loud noises, flashing lights and of course lots of delicious refreshments, Bonfire Night really is an evening that kids cherish. To help you make the most of this exciting time, here at BirdKids we have put together six Bonfire Night activities for kids that they can enjoy year after year. Bonfire Night Poem Let kids express their excitement for Bonfire Night with a short poem. They can be as funny or as simple as you like, and with the added activity of decorating the page and reading out the poem, this will soon become a yearly tradition. Make Your Own Bonfire Scene This craft is quite easy to do and kids love it. All you need is a large piece of paper, some glue, pens and any arty materials that you have. Ask your kids to create their own Bonfire Night scene using the materials provided. This is a great craft as kids start to understand what they can expect on the big night. Create a Guy Fawkes Dummy A great tradition, these are very easy to make and kids will enjoy choosing clothes and drawing on a smiling face. These can be created in any design that you like and look great displayed in the garden. Making Mini Chocolate Apples If you are staying home this Bonfire Night, why not let your little ones' get involved in creating delicious treats? A different take on the toffee apple, these chocolate apples are a lot safer for kids to decorate as it doesn't involve any hot caramel. Simply scoop out pieces of apple with a melon baller and insert a skewer or cocktail stick. Then get your kids to dip them into the melted chocolate and then into any other decorations that they like. So much fun and yummy too! Safe Sparklers Little ones can't handle sparklers so to help kids still feel involved, get them to create their own indoor sparklers with a simple blunt ended skewer and some tinsel. The tinsel will still shimmer in the light like a real sparkler without the added dangers. Make Your Own Cardboard Fireworks It's amazing what you can create with just an empty toilet roll. Get kids to paint the cardboard roll with any colours that they like and sellotape strips of tissue paper to the inside of the roll to create streamers. Finish off with a pointy top and voilà, kids can throw their designs up the air or keep them all year round. Do you know of any other Bonfire Night activities for kids? Let us know by messaging us on our Facebook or Google+ pages or Tweet us @bird_kids