Mouk is quickly becoming a character that all children love and not just because of his adorable features. Trotting around the world, the loveable cartoon including Mouk, Chavapa, Popo and Mita offers enticing tales of Mouk's world travels and beautiful colours that engage the eyes and the minds of children everywhere. Beach Adapted from the work of Marc Boutavant and directed by François Narboux this amazing series takes children on an adventure as Mouk talks to his friends all about the amazing adventures that he has been having with Chavapa. Cycling around the world these two friends discover different communities, traditions and beautiful landscapes. Here at Birdkids we are please to be able to stock a range of different Mouk products that display the beautiful and colourful illustrations that have captured the hearts of children. Our Products Mouk Baby Bowl - Cookies Mouk Cookie Bowl Mouk Greeting Card - Garland Garland Mouk Small Plate- Sahara sahara Mouk Tray tray For our full range of Mouk products click here.
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