7 Soft Toys To Keep Kids Cosy This Autumn
As the days are drawing in and winter is soon to be on its way, the autumn season is a time where the kids can get out exploring the leaf covered environments... but when they come indoors from the cold, they need something soft and warm to cuddle up with! To make sure your kids are always kept cosy, Birdkids have put together a list of our most eclectic and cute soft toys we have on offer. flatout bears chocolate comfort teddy bear First on the list is one of our most irresistible teddy bears - with a chocolate coloured twist! Soft toys don't get much more cuddly than Flatout Bears, featuring soft, pure sheepskin fur, they are completely handmade and would make the perfect gift for any child over the course of the colder months!
meri meri knitted cat Sometimes all you need is a friendly feline to join you on the sofa after a long day! Artfully and simply designed, this is an endearingly soft and charming addition to any soft toy collection and looks great placed anywhere in your child's bedroom - this is a toy they can truly treasure forever. wild republic dolphin cuddlekin soft toy A plush, pretty dolphin with all the serenity of the ocean! This is a favourite with young children and even comes complete with a mini informative booklet to keep your youngster's mind active while they're relaxing.
global affairs knitted cotton striped rabbit This toy will tick all the boxes with your kids, featuring an eye-catching, stripey design made from 100% cotton. Not only is this beautifully made toy super soft and cuddly, it's also suitable from birth and made from fairtrade sources. wild & soft animal trophy head - polar bear This huge Wild & Soft animal trophy head can either be played with or decoratively hung from your kid's bedroom wall when they're not cuddling up to it!
meri meri knitted snake cushion Great for keeping your kids warm while they're sleeping, this knitted snake cushion is perfect for resting on during nap time. A unique toy that your child will want to take everywhere, they'll never get bored of this charming choice! tintin snowy/milou dog - 37cm Is your child a fan of Tintin? Because every reader secretly wants to own Snowy! This gorgeously white and super soft canine companion will be your child's best friend throughout the colder months and probably the whole year!
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