5 Halloween Party Ideas To Spook The Kids
Halloween is fast approaching, so to give your kids a few frights, Bird Kids have put together all the ghoulish games, creepy costume ideas and spooky decorations to transform your party venue into a haunted castle...Get all the freaky inspiration from Meri Meri and Djeco, here! meri meri hanging bats decorations The fastest way to turn your home into an eerie place when October comes around is with this hanging bats decoration from Meri Meri! Strung up on neon thread and finished off with gold, shimmering embellishments, you'll feel as though you've entered Dracula's castle wherever you place them...
meri meri spooky icon tattoos If you've got your outfit all planned out, work on the sinister details with these spooky tattoos from Meri Meri. Featuring everything you could possibly want for your Halloween party, this set includes everything from cobwebs, black cats, skulls, witches hats and more to bring your outfit back from the dead!
the ghost story box
Far more appealing than opening a cobweb covered book -why not create your own ghost story with this interactive puzzle game? Build your own narrative, filled with unexpected twists and turns, scary developments and surprising endings that will keep anyone entertained over the Halloween period. With over 8 feet of puzzle to work through, no one will be lacking in a little eerie inspiration!
Perfect for any witches or wizards trying to look the part on the spookiest night of the year! Customise your costume with pumpkin, skull, crescent moon, bat or spider hair clips decorated with different colours and textured finishes.
Need another ghoulish game for your Halloween celebration? Test the memory and speed of every guest coming to your party and give them a fright at the same time! All you need to do is recover 6 individual ghosts and bring them home...
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