7 Vibrant Activities To Introduce Children To The Autumn Season

As we close the book on summer, the cooler weather and changing of the seasons will open up a new world for children to explore. With falling leaves and crispy sounds underfoot, to conker hunting and landscapes filled with vivid colours, making memories with your children over the fall season is a wonderful and enriching experience.

Autumn is a time when your little ones can really get in touch with nature and the tactility of the great outdoors. Here at Birdkids, we want to take some of those magical autumn feelings and bring them right into the comfort of your own home.

From crafts and colouring sets to books and traditional wooden toys, we've handpicked some of our favourite seasonal gifts, activities and indoor decorations from Tender Leaf Toys, Djeco and Little Country Cottage. After a day of kicking up the autumn leaves, get inspired by some of our autumn indoor and outdoor must-haves!

Little Country Cottage: An Autumn Treasury of Recipes, Crafts and Wisdom

This creative paperback is a fall favourite for any little ones who want to get to grips with recipes, crafts, planting projects and more. The perfect compendium to enjoy what autumn has to offer with a self-sufficient, eco-friendly twist!

Hedgehog Garden Wax Funky Crayons Box

Fuse artwork and autumn with these colourful wax crayons in vibrant designs, including hedgehogs, leaves and flower shapes! Made from hand-poured Crayola Wax, let your imagination run wild and create some eye-popping autumn masterpieces with the creative tools to match.

Tender Leaf Toys Woodland Red Squirrel

Made from solid rubberwood and painted in a watercolour stain, Tender Leaf's range of wooden animals have an adorable and organic quality that feels like they've been plucked straight for nature. A great choice for little ones who are fascinated by active scurrying squirrels at this time of year.

Djeco An Unusual Night Nursery Mobile

Send your children to sleep with these calming, natural details, including glow in the dark pieces such as a fox, owls, a cat, clouds and jumping sheep! A wonderful way to blend autumn-style details with soothing slumber in your little one's nursery.

Kids Camo Gripper Gloves

Disguise yourself in the undergrowth with these camo-print woodland gloves! Perfect for all junior soldiers, these are a great autumn adventure staple that will keep fingers warm while walking, playing and exploring.

Djeco 3D Colouring Art Set - Fantasy Forest

This vivid art set allows you to become fully immersed in the vibrant world of 3D colouring! Put on your magical glasses, grab your multicoloured felt tips and get filling in an array of intricate woodland scenes.

Djeco Seasonal Dress Up Stickers & Paper Dolls

Whether you want to look stylish in spring or chic in autumn, the Stickers & Paper Dolls Set is designed to allow you to dress up paper dolls according to the season. It comes with a storage wallet that holds a set of 9 different figures and 4 sheets of stickers, including lots of little accessories.

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