How to Plan an Awesome Kids Party

Anyone that has ever planned a party knows that it can be a gruelling task. Lots to tick of the pesky to-do lists, from invites, décor, catering and music to name a few. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise when people explain their feeling of overwhelm.

With that in mind, we have you covered. We have created a ‘How to plan an awesome kids party’ guide, a ‘let’s smash this party thing out of the bag’ failsafe, sure to add the capital A to ‘Awesome’ and earn you some well deserved party planning points with the kids.

Guide to plan an awesome kids party

Firstly, take a deep breathe. Overwhelm comes from trying to do too much at once – instead we are going to break down your ‘to-dos’ into more manageable steps and ensure your kids party is nothing short of awesome.


  1. Create an awesome party planning checklist – this checklist should include things that you want to tick off over the next few weeks or even months:


  • Budget – to decide on how awesome your party will be
  • Theme – fairies, construction, safari, football or Disney there are so many themes to pick from
  • Number of guests – will you just invite your kids close friends or the whole class? Will you limit to family or extend to a larger circle (remember that the number of guests will impact the rest of the planning, such as catering)
  • Catering – will you be preparing the awesome party food, making sarnies and trips to Iceland for some ‘mum’s go to Iceland’ favourites? or will you be hiring a professional?
  • Invites- are you going to make the invites yourself or buy them?
  • Awesome party activities – what awesome kids party activities will you choose? Little tip – for parties in the Summer, have back up activities in case the weather doesn’t hold out.


  1. 8 weeks before the party - this is a great time to sit down with your kid and discuss things like:
  • What awesome kids party theme are you going with? This is the perfect time to discover how this theme will be incorporated into other aspects of your party, like the cake, décor, invites, games , fancy dress? even awesome kids party favours. – keep it simple, unless you have hired an event planner – it isn’t worth losing your sanity over.


  • Set a date for all this awesomeness to take place – taking into consideration the time of year, are the kids off school? Is it in the half term or Summer? If so, perhaps a weekday or evening would work. If not, weekends might be best.


  • Order your awesome cake – great bakers often require plenty of notice. Unless you are asking a family member or friend to bake the cake for you, we recommend you give as much notice as possible and order when you can.


  • Who are your awesome party attendees? Who are the chosen ones? Narrowing down your list isn’t an easy task, especially if you are on a budget. We hate the idea of a ‘process of elimination’ kind of scenario, but sometimes it really does come down to what is best for you and your family. Especially as the cost of living increases.


  • Budget – it is important that you finalise a budget whilst you plan your awesome kids party. It is easy to get swept up with all the amazing products available, you do not want to stretch yourself too thin and risk the level of awesome you have created.


  1. 3-5 weeks before the your awesome kids party – now the plan has been created, this time before the party is when you should think about the following:


  • Buying or making your invites
  • Shop for your party supplies and decorations
  • Write out invites – making sure to add important details like, venue & timings
  • Decide on your awesome kids party activities


Important tip – leave a space on your invites to ask ‘does your child/children have any allergies or food intolerances’


  1. The final days before the awesome party – things are starting to come together and the end is in sight, now just time to:
  • Chase any invites who have not RSVPd
  • Wrap birthday gifts
  • Put together party favours/goody bags
  • Double check you have enough party supplies
  • Pick up balloons
  • Pick up the awesome cake
  • Say cheese - Charge all electronics that you want to use , snap up those awesome memories
  • Have a pen & paper handy to write down names of gift providers to thank them later


Struggling for awesome kids party activities? Why not try some of these:


  • Piñata
  • Fancy dress competitions
  • Art competitions
  • Dancing games
  • Musical chairs
  • Musical statues
  • Pass the parcel
  • Treasure hunts 

For more inspiration on creating an awesome kids party  – why not have a look at incorporating some of these awesome kids party games

Links to awesome party products

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