As we know, play is essential to a child's development. When it comes to buying toys for kids, parents like to make sure that all of the time their child spends playing also contributes to their brain power. Using educational toys as part of your daily life will promote your child's imagination and encourage many aspects of a child's development, such as language skills, co-ordination, numeracy and creativity. The Interactive books in the Oskar & Ellen range are an excellent example of such educational toys for infants; brightly coloured, and made with the highest quality of materials, these books allow your children to learn the alphabet with a little bit of help from their favourite animals. All the products in this range are durable, and as safety is extremely important to this company, all of their toys are produced to European standard and are CE marked. The Djeco range of wooden playing sets are great learning tools. The "Fruit and Vegetable to Cut" set will keep your little chef entertained, and is an ideal way to introduce your infant to new foods. As your baby matures into a toddler, you will be on the hunt for educational toys that will maintain their interest for more than a few moments each day. Djeco offer a variety of play sets, puzzles and jigsaws that will keep your child occupied for hours. The Dog primo puzzle is an excellent 3 in 1 game for children of 2 years and more. For children over 3, the animal themed, Travel bingo educational game, will keep a small group of children entertained for the entire afternoon. Made from cardboard material, this game comes in a colourful box that is lightweight and therefore perfect to take on the road! So whether your at home or away, you always have an opportunity to educate your child.
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