We have arrived at the time of year where my 7 year old seems to have a birthday party to go to every other week. Finding the time to shop for a gift for my own family can be a challenge, so shopping for other people's children is something I could do without! After many years of being afraid of the "World wide web" I recently started shopping online and can't believe how easy it is! My original queries were: Will my credit card details be safe? I think this is the point that most people, especially Internet novices, worry about. Well the fact is paying online though an accredited website holds no more risk than shopping in a store. Furthermore, with wonderful introductions such as Pay-Pal, you don't even need to use your credit card to make a purchase online. Will the product look the same as it does on the screen? I have to say, everything I have purchased from the Bird Kids website to date has actually looked better in "real life" than it did on the screen. And, with a 7 day money back guarantee; if for any reason you are not happy with the item you have ordered, you can always return it. Can I have the items delivered directly to the recipient? Yes you can, and from previous experience - I would highly recommend it. The last item I purchased online was the Billie Brindille Dolls House Set, by Djeco. A beautiful little dolls house containing all of the furniture and two small cloth dolls - ideal for my daughter's best friend. Unfortunately my daughter thought it too nice to give away and decided she would have it for her own birthday instead! Any item ordered from Bird Kids can be gifted wrapped for free in their special 'Bird' gift wrap. One less job for you to do! Now I purchase all my children's gifts online (and those for their friends) saving money, and most importantly - time!
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