Christmas is an exciting time of year for children. But from opening their presents to Christmas dinner, it can seem that everything goes by in a flash, even unfortunately the appeal of some gifts. Here at Birdkids we have selected some of the most amazing build your own kits, that children will enjoy making and love playing with all year round. 1. Build Your Own - Pathfinders Catapult catapult A classic boy toy, this catapult helps children understand how the wonderful medieval design was made. A great toy that once would have taken down castle walls. 2. Build and Decorate Your Own Princess Palace princess castle A wonderful castle that can make any princess's imagination come alive, this magical set can be decorated in any style that her Royal Highness wishes. Easy to assemble, children will love designing their own imaginary world that they can play with day after day. 3. Create Your Own Solar System solar system Packed full of activities and facts, this build your own kit is a board game and a 3D wall art scene. No glue or scissors needed, children will have hours of fun learning about the solar system and whooshing off on a space adventure. 4. Build Your Own – My Ukulele build your own ukulele Perfect for music lovers, this Ukulele allows children to understand how the pieces fit together. With 4 strings, children will love creating their own songs and performing for friends and family. 5. Artful Flyers – In The Clouds flying plane Powered by a rubber band, this fun plane is easy to transform into a wonderful flying machine. Quick to assemble this fun little craft will supply endless amounts of fun. For our entire range of Build Your Own Kits click here. Merry Christmas!