Arts and Crafts are a great way to entertain your children during the school summer holidays, especially when the weather prevents them from playing outside. TV, video games and DVD’s will keep them entertained for so long, but they do not exactly encourage children to use their brains, and I would much rather that my children do something a bit more creative. Crafts for kids are not expensive and when you think of the cost of a great colouring book and a set of felt pens compared to the cost of a computer game, there is really no comparison. So what are crafts for kids? Arts and Crafts can be anything from painting and colouring-in sets, to puppet making and sewing. Any activity that involves skill in making things by hand is considered a craft.
I have yet to meet a child that does not enjoy painting and drawing, and today there are so many different types of artwork sets available, they can paint by numbers, create glitter pictures, and even design their own face-masks. These crafts for kids are relatively inexpensive and can create hours of entertainment.
Sewing is another great craft that both girls and boys enjoy. Child friendly sewing kits are widely available in toy stores and through online retailers, and can include anything from sewing cards, clothes for a favourite toy, and even sewing pictures that can be hung on their bedroom wall.
Puppet making has long been a favourite in our house, and my children love to build their own. A great craft for kids, puppet making not only keeps them occupied while they build their favourite puppet, but the completed toys are then played with for hours and even days afterwards. Perhaps the best thing about crafts for kids is the look of complete satisfaction and pride on your child’s face once they have completed their very own “work of art”. Get your kids creative this summer, and leave the TV for another rainy day.
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