Finishing our look at Mitty James’ fantastic range of children’s swimwear, it’s now time to have a look at what’s available for babies so that they can enjoy the water comfortably and safely. Image of Baby Rash Vest - Navy  from Mitty James Image of Baby Rash Vest - Bubblegum Pink  from Mitty James Rash vests are usually used by athletes participating in various watersports when it is too warm for a wetsuit. They help to protect the wearer from rashes causes by abrasion as well as to protect them from the sun. This makes Mitty James’ baby rash vests perfect to look after your baby’s delicate skin when in the water and will keep them covered up from the sun. They have popper-style fastenings at the neck to help with dressing, and they’re cool enough to wear on even the hottest summer days. Image of Swim Nappy - Blue Shark  from Mitty James Image of Swim Nappy - Pink Spot  from Mitty James For underneath, these swim nappies are snug-fitting yet still comfortable and have a waterproof middle layer and a soft towelling inner lining. The pink version has a polka-dot design with a heart print frill around the top, and the navy version has a funky shark and star print. They match the rash vests perfectly. Mitty James’ children’s swimwear looks great, fits well and is of a very high quality, making them the best choice when heading to the beach or pool this summer.

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