My children just love getting creative, whether they’re making, drawing or writing! These three wonderful books are simply perfect for inspiring creativity, and I’m sure that any child will just love them.

Image of Totem Book of Animals: Eagle
Made from entirely recycled cardboard, this book comes allows children to slot together pieces to create lots of animals. As well as teaching them about and building an interest in wildlife, building the models is a lot of fun, and they look fantastic.
Image of Colouring Book – Sporty
This wonderful colouring book is a modern take on the traditional children’s favourite. All of the pictures are themed around different sports, but none of the figures have heads, arms or legs! This is just perfect for kids to go wild and come up with all sorts of creations.
Image of Scrabble Notebook
For budding authors or poets, I love this Scrabble notebook. Its large size and generous amount of pages ensure that it won’t get filled up too quickly, not even by the most ruthless self-editors! These delightful children’s books are perfect for keeping boredom at bay over the weekends, school holidays or in the car. Their high quality and fun ideas ensure that inspiration will never be far away! Don’t forget that we also have a wide range of children’s art and craft materials such as pens, pencils and paints, which are perfect for use with these books.
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